Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy in Amsterdam

Integrative psychotherapy (IP) is a form of short-term psychotherapy (lasting anywhere between 5 and 25 sessions). The most important principle in this type of therapy is that each person is unique and deserves a tailored therapy.

A variety of therapeutic interventions
Since with IP the focus is on the individual person rather than on the method, many different techniques are used, all of which derive from a variety of different therapeutic approaches, including humanistic, systemic, transpersonal, cognitive, behavioral and psychodynamic.

The focus is on the client
With IP, the focus is on you and the method is merely a means of guiding you. Another important principle in IP is that every human being has the potential to change, to heal and to grow.

The client is the one who knows her/his own problems and solutions the best. The client knows what the problem is, is capable of solving it and manages to solve it. The role of the therapist is to activate, guide and support the client in this process, both at the conscious and the unconscious level.

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