About me

About me: Anna Calogero, Hypnotherapist in Amsterdam

I am Anna Calogero. I was born in 1964 in Rome, where I also grew up. I have lived in the Netherlands since 1995 and in 2000 I received a PhD in medical biology, having done research at the Groningen University Hospital (UMCG).

In 2002 I moved to Amsterdam to work as a postdoc at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). After more than 15 years of working as a scientist in Italy and the Netherlands, I decided to shift my focus to what has always intrigued me most: human beings and the emotions we experience. 

Training in hypnotherapy and integrative therapy
My shift in focus led me to enroll at the ‘Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie’ in 2007. In July 2011, having successfully completed a four-year course of training to become both an integrative therapist and a hypnotherapist, I graduated with diplomas in both fields.

Therapy in different languages
Besides in Italian (my native language), I also provide psychotherapy in both English and Dutch.
Please contact me for more information or to make an appointment.

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