Hypnotherapy & Integrative psychotherapy


Hypnotherapy in Amsterdam Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a person is put into a trance. While in the…

Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy in Amsterdam Integrative psychotherapy (IP) is a form of short-term psychotherapy (lasting an…

About Anna Calogero

Anna received a PhD in medical biology in 2000, having done research at the Groningen University Hospital (UMCG).

Hypnotherapy & integrative psychotherapy

We have all had the feeling of losing touch with ourselves. Sometimes that feeling seems to just come out of nowhere, but there may also be a clear reason for it, like the death of a dear one or a failed marriage. Sometimes the loss of balance creeps up slowly on the inside, for instance due to long-term stress at work. Whatever the reason might be, it is vital that you put yourself together and regain your balance. Hypnotherapy can be of help in such cases and an officially trained hypnotherapist can guide you through the process.

Hypnotherapy offers the way to answers and solutions
Hypnotherapy is a very powerful means of changing your emotional life, of helping you go forward in the direction you desire. You are the one who decides what your objective is, and I will be there to create the optimal conditions to help you to reach it. You do the work and I guide you in your unconscious to help you get in touch with your inner resources, your own solutions to your problems. As they are your own solutions, they will be “perfect”, by definition. Moreover, once you “know the way” to your own solutions, nobody can ever take those away from you. The solutions will be permanent.

Let a hypnotherapist guide you
I am convinced that we all have the right answers to our problems within us, but not everybody is able to reach those when they are needed. As a hypnotherapist, I can be your guide. Using my empathy, enthusiasm and experience, I can guide and support you in your search for your own inner strength to regain your balance.

In-house hypnotherapy in Amsterdam
Make an appointment so that we can determine together exactly how we can use psychotherapy for you and with which objective. My practice is located inside my home in Amsterdam. I offer a professional but “gezellige” setting where you will feel very much at ease.

'The unexamined life is not worth living'

  • G. Schuur

    "Hallo Anna, de therapie heeft gewerkt! Ik ben vrij! Ik ben keihard voor mezelf opgekomen en voel mij erg gelukkig! 1000x thanxs."

  • S. van der Bij

    "Anna heeft mij erg goed geholpen, ik zou haar dan ook zeker aanraden aan anderen!"

  • R. Andreoli

    "Prima di iniziare la terapia con Anna mi sentivo come se avessi una montagna di panni ammucchiati per terra. Al termine del ciclo di sedute, quella montagna di biancheria era stata lavata, stirata, riposta ordinatamente nei cassetti giusti e profumava di nuovo"

  • L.S.

    "Cara Anna, ripensavo oggi alle sedute che ho fatto con te e credo che siano state di grande aiuto per mettermi in contatto con la parte più profonda di me. C’e’ un universo dentro di noi che ha tutte le risposte che cerchiamo."

  • M. Soares

    "Dear Anna, I am very greatful that you are an important part of my year 2015 and your help and warm words have given me strength and the solutions I need to grow further. Thank you, grazie mille!"

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